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Jones writes about the issues that touch us all on cnn.com

Equal Pay Movement Not Working for all Women

Black and brown women are being used as pawns to advance the equality of our white sisters. 

Bill O'Reilly Payout is an Outrage

  • Fired after harassment accusations, Bill O'Reilly has reportedly been given by Fox a payout worth tens of millions

It's on Us, America

After generations systematic racism and injustice, has our nation finally reached a tipping point? 

Beyonce: Right Voice, Right Time

Super Bowl performance was exactly what America needed to see. Jones writes.

Schilling deserved to get canned

Charles Krupa/Associated Press

ESPN made the right call. There's no room for Schilling's bigotry on television. Jones writes.

Goodbye Mandela, My first Black President

Jones recalls her first visit to South Africa after Mandela was elected. Read more here.

Penn State Still Doesn't Get It

The NCAA may have agreed to restore Penn State's wins under Joe Paterno. But the University and its supporters still haven't accepted responsibility for its role in the Sandusky child rape scandal.

Roger Goodell Owes Woman an Apology

Jones writes: Women are 45% of the NFL fan base. It's time for the league to get tough on domestic abusers in the sport.

How World Cup Futbol Swept America

In 2002, Jones struggled over whether to put soccer on cover of ESPN Magazine. Fast forward to 2014's World Cup frenzy and it seems U.S. finally gets 'futbol.' Read more here.

Classic American Beauty

Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014
Nina Davuluri, Miss America 2014

Jones says it's time for women to define, live and celebrate their own individual beauty.

Zimmerman trial about Race, Class in America

Zimmerman verdict brings on much-needed race discussions.
Zimmerman verdict brings on much-needed race discussions.

Jones writes: Zimmerman trial highlights racial divisions are alive and thriving in Americain. Let's use the trial to have healthy discussions to acknowledge our past and improve our future as a nation.

Finding Common Ground on Guns

Roxanne Jones writes, it's time for the nation to come together with sensible solutions on both sides of the gun debate.


Make Football Safe for Kids

Would you let your son play football? Jones speaks to parents and sports officials on how to keep the game safe for children.

Brian Williams Broke Public Trust

Jones makes early call for Brian Williams to be sidelined for misleading public. 

Welcome to The PUSH Marketing Group

Roxanne Jones, a founding editor of ESPN Magazine. Author. CNN.com columnist
Roxanne Jones, a founding editor of ESPN Magazine. Author. CNN.com columnist









What we do

PUSH Marketing Group (PMG) can help you build successful media solutions for your professional and personal life. PMG specializes in multimedia content development, video


production and marketing strategies to help you grow your business, expand your audiences, and rebrand your professional life. 


We offer full-service social media and communications strategies across the globe. PUSH has more than twenty years experience, providing business solutions for individuals, corporations and nonprofits. Whether it's launching a marketing plan for a small business owners, or developing a media strategy to deal with controversial situations that may arise, PUSH will help you create the right plan for success.

Our client list includes a broad range of professionals from the corporate and nonprofit industries, as well as students and small business owners. We tailor our services to fit your needs.


Student leadership programs & Summer Internships

PUSH hosts ¡Habla Conmigo! - a Spanish Immersion program for students who want to improve their Spanish speaking skills and spend three weeks living, volunteering and learning about the rich culture of central Costa Rica. Call us today for more information.


Our Founder

Roxanne Jones, is an award-winning media executive who has more than 20 years of success as a journalist and media executive. She has extensive experience across television, publishing, radio and digital media platforms. She is co-author of the widely-acclaimed, Say It Loud, An Illustrated History of the Black Athlete (Random House).


Ms. Jones is a Founding Editor of ESPN Magazine and a former senior executive at ESPN. She is currently a widely-read Opinion columnist for CNN.com, where she focuses on issues ranging from sports and politics to women's issues and pop culture. Jones can be heard weekly talking politics, sports and current events on Philly's WURD-900AM. 


Community Servant

A firm believer that the true measure of one's success is the good you give back to your community, Ms. Jones is a mentor, activist and public servant. She is a longtime advocate for the LGBTQ community and was the first straight ally to serve as co-chair of the Gay, Lesbian, Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD). Ms. Jones is a longtime mentor and teacher, who is passionate about empowering the next generation to become future leaders.

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